Sauk County: Welcoming by Nature

Get to Know Sauk County

Represented by five diverse chambers of commerce that are rich in charm, natural beauty, and historical presence, Sauk County is a destination that celebrates a respite from the everyday while reveling in the good nature of our people, land, and spirit. So come, discover, and stay awhile.

Welcome to the Water Park Capital of the World. Experience more than 16 million gallons of water fun.

Roll the dice and win big or enjoy first-class hotel accommodations.

Shop an assortment of cow, goat, and sheep cheeses made locally.

Learn about the famous Ringling Brother’s “The Greatest Show on Earth.

All aboard! Explore preserved railroad cars from the golden age & take a ride on a real train.

Hike the largest state park in Wisconsin or kayak through the beautiful 360-acre lake.


See countryside creativity come alive and wonder at oddities.

Enjoy Wisconsin from the river with a free ferry ride from April through December.

Local and seasonal fare paired with locally made wine & spirits.

Experience the country’s second-largest outdoor stage devoted to the theatre classics.

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It’s Get Back to Nature Season

Nature is calling. With its bounty of trails, parks, lakes, and rivers, Sauk County is a gold mine of endless exploration. It’s a paradise where nature lovers come to camp out under the stars, tackle winding bike trails, or just soak up the sun while the native bird life provides their soundtrack.

Big goat and little goat

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Unleash your inner wild child and get up close and personal with furry, feathered, and fun wildlife at any one of Sauk County’s many animal-related attractions. There are deer parks, horseback riding stables, and even friendly zoos offering glimpses of kangaroos, lions, and more intriguing animals from around the world.

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Things to Do

It’s true that in Sauk County, we are adventurous by nature, with a great many activities revolving around the land. Our vast natural terrain — which includes more than 22,000 acres of parks and open space — offers the ideal playground for outdoor enthusiasts. But there’s also a variety of other activities to explore, from art galleries and museums to amusement parks, festivals, and fairs. We welcome you to take them all in.

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Have a question? We’re here to help. We’ll do our best to stop eating homegrown signature cheeses long enough to get you a proper response.

Eat & Drink

Sauk County offers a variety of restaurants dishing out great food, as well as numerous breweries, distilleries, and cheese makers crafting top-notch artisanal products.

Relax & Sleep

After your day of fun, Sauk has a resting spot ready to welcome you, from hospitable bed-and-breakfasts to bustling hotels and resorts to away-from-it-all guest ranches and farm inns.

Visit All Our Chambers

Sauk County comprises five local chambers of commerce that foster the care and growth of each of their respective communities, highlighting their rich diversity and natural splendor. With attractions, events, and cultures that are unique to each chamber, there is always another adventure to be had.