Places to Eat & Drink

In Sauk County, our thirst for adventure extends to what’s served on our plates and poured into our glasses. Here, you’ll find the cream of the Sauk crop, from restaurants dishing out not only great food but also stellar entertainment, as well as breweries, distilleries, and cheese makers crafting top-notch artisanal products.


Farm to Fork

The 2022 Sauk County Farm Connect Guide ties together Wisconsin’s largest industry – agriculture – with another of its top segments – tourism. Everyone is welcome to shop our local Sauk County agribusinesses and to explore the wonderful products from our area’s family farms.

Artisanal Foods & Beverages

Sauk County is proud of its award-winning cheeses and coffees crafted by local cheese makers and roasters. A visit to one of these shops is well worth it for the scenic drive alone. Stop in at the numerous cheese shops and coffee stores throughout the county to find your favorite variety, or try a few samples to discover the newbie you can no longer without. Don’t feel like putting on shoes? Have our famous cheeses delivered to your doorstep. Explore Artisanal Foods & Beverages

Restaurants & Bars

Home to some of the best restaurants and bars in the state, Sauk satisfies every dining experience imaginable: cozy dinners, classic supper clubs, steakhouses, diner fare — you name it.

Just make sure you don’t miss the greatest brewery on earth, Al. Ringling Brewing Co., or Driftless Glen Restaurant & Distillery, a craft distillery that utilizes the terroir of Sauk land for its spirits. Oh, and the best ButterBurger in all the land? It’s grilled over at Culver’s. Explore Restaurants & Bars

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