Outdoor Activities

Winter Activities & Other Sports

When snow blankets Sauk County’s trails and parks, it’s just icing on the adventure. Rather than letting the cold weather slow us down, we pull out the cross-country skis, snowmobiles, and snowshoes. Activities abound from Devil’s Lake State Park to Natural Bridge State Park.


Find happiness in the waves, whether their man-made or courtesy of Mother Nature. The epicenter for fun in the sun, Sauk plays host to several water parks, lakes, and rivers that are just waiting to help you live every day like it’s the weekend.

Golf Courses

Sauk County’s golf courses are sometimes open more than six months out of the year. Because whether it’s a cool spring morning or the moment the county’s foliage begins to burn orange, yellow, and red, we know there’s nothing like sinking a putt.

Horseback Riding

Feel that? It’s the sun on your face and the wind at your back as you take a load off and allow one of the world’s most majestic creatures to take the reins. With horseback riding in Sauk County, you have several choices, from stables and guided tours to taking your own mare for a spin on the region’s top-notch trails.


Whether you’re in the mood for an easy, leisurely hike or you’re looking to really stretch those legs, Sauk County offers hundreds of miles of trails to choose from. And when your hike boasts a lakeside view or a breathtaking cliffside vista, all the better.

Boating, Canoeing, & Kayaking

Find your sea legs — or river legs — on one of Sauk County’s many waterways. We offer a variety of options for taking on the open water, from renting a boat for the whole family to enjoy to snagging a kayak for a meditative solo float. No matter your skill level, Sauk has a waterlogged adventure ready to float your boat.

Fishing & Hunting

It’s not every day that you catch that elusive dream fish or conquer that white-tailed deer. Unless you’re in Sauk County. A gamesman’s rustic Shangri-la, Sauk County is where you can test your luck with the fishing pole in one of our many lakes, hunt turkeys and bucks in wooded corners of our parks, or even combine the two favorite pastimes and give bowfishing a try.

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