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Just an hour from Madison, Wisconsin, Spring Green is a verdant retreat that is blanketed in wildflowers in the warmer months and covered in snow during the colder ones. Activities and recreational sports continue throughout the seasons, with a fun, new adventure just waiting around every turn.

In addition to Mother Nature’s gifts, the area is home to architectural feats as glorious as its natural beauty. From Frank Lloyd Wright’s sprawling Taliesin estate to the gravity-defying House on the Rock attraction, Spring Green is quite the looker.

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Not to Be Missed …

When in Spring Green, do as the locals do: Worship Frank Lloyd Wright. America’s most famous architect, Wright was born in the area and designed more than a thousand structures over his seven-decade career, and a good chunk of them are located in Spring Green. Do yourself a favor and book a tour of his 800-acre Taliesin estate before all the spots are snatched up.

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Did You Know …

The naming of Spring Green remains disputed. Some believe it gets its name from the way that the south-facing hills turn an emerald shade of green in the spring — a title given to the area by the Native Americans who farmed the land and began laying the foundation for the region’s fertile vegetation.

Others believe the name came from the way a sink hole exposed on its southern side and protected by oak groves on its northern side would “green up,” while the rest of the land remained buried in the winter’s snow.

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Why You Should Visit …

When you’re not eyeballing the architectural wonders constructed by Frank Lloyd Wright or Alex Jordan, who’s responsible for the mind-bending House on the Rock, make sure you take in a show at Spring Green’s famed outdoor amphitheater, the American Players Theatre.

Open during the warmer months, the amphitheater celebrates the classics on the hill. And if the weather’s not permitting, there’s also an indoor theater with its own host of entertainment.

Discover More About Spring Green

Head over to the chamber’s designated website to learn more about Spring Green’s culture and heritage, places to eat and drink, and spots to play and stay.

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