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Composed of rolling farmland and dense parks perched on the edge of the state’s Driftless region, Reedsburg, Wisconsin, is a sight to behold: The impressive views alone are worth the visit.

Beyond Mother Nature’s rich natural resources, Reedsburg harbors a thriving and diverse industry, where history, culture, and recreational opportunities flourish. Festivals draw revelers and sightseers year-round, while the area’s premier hiking and biking trails appeal to wanderers, bird-watchers, and even snowmobilers in the snowy months.

Whether you’re visiting from out of town or just looking to rediscover your own beautiful backyard, Reedsburg is an enchanting region that can’t wait to show you something new.


Not to Be Missed … Hill and Valley Exploration Tour

Celebrate the rural agricultural heritage of Reedsburg through its Hill and Valley Exploration Tour, which takes place for two weekends every September. The event offers visitors a hands-on experience traveling to various farms and rural businesses along a self-guided and mapped route. Visit with farmers and landowners who produce a variety of food and merchandise that’s also available for purchase, including wine, cheese, jams, jellies, meat, vegetables, pumpkins, mums, and other specialty craft items.


Did You Know …

Reedsburg gets its name from a man named David C. Reed, one of the earliest settlers of the area. Reed built a saw and grist mill on the Baraboo River, and shelters made of wood to house the laborers. Those shelters, which became known as Shanty Row, once stood near what is now known as Main Street.

The town is also known as the Butter Capital of the World, because in the late ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, Reedsburg’s milk-processing plant churned out more butter than anywhere else in the world.

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Why You Should Visit …

Hugged by the Baraboo River, Reedsburg is a welcoming respite where bountiful wildlife and beautiful scenery live in harmony.

The Wisconsin 400 State Trail, a 22-mile former railroad bed, is now a walkable path that will take you all the way to Elroy. Of course, you might get there faster on bike, horse, or snowmobile — all of which are suitable options for the terrain. Taking in the sights of the trail’s breathtaking wetlands, animals, sandstone bluffs, rolling croplands, and pastures however you prefer is A-okay with us.

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Head over to the chamber’s designated website to learn more about Reedsburg’s culture and heritage, places to eat and drink, and spots to play and stay.

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