Parks & Nature

Ranches, Orchards, & Farms

Here in Sauk County, we’re always up for stretching our legs in the great outdoors and celebrating the fruits of the land. With rich, fertile grounds that play host to the happiest heffers and juiciest fruits this side of the Wisconsin River, we take pride in the family-run ranches, orchards, and farms peppered throughout the area.

Should the weather gods allow, stroll through rows of strawberries, apples, and pumpkins. Glimpse farm life and learn about the county’s agriculture industry. And end the day with a relaxing bath elevated by the aromas of lavender you hand-picked that day.

Nature Preserves & Gardens

Make meaningful memories — and snap gorgeous scenic pics — at Sauk County’s many nature preserves and gardens, which prove that being outside is the best way to pass the time.

Get the little ones excited for a day with Smokey the Bear at Devil’s Lake Nature Center, where scavenger hunts, camping bingo, and kayaking tours abound. Find respite at the Spring Creek Preserve, an exotic stretch of arid desert that makes its name that much more interesting. Or marvel at the deep gorge in Pewits Nest, formed during the departure of the last glacier.

Lakes, Rivers & Creeks

Awe-inspiring waterways are just one more reason to discover the beauty of Sauk County. With more than 63 lakes and nearly 160 miles of rivers and creeks, anglers have multiple opportunities to experience water recreation in Sauk County.

Fishing enthusiasts can catch that freshwater fish they’ve been dreaming of, with the Wisconsin and Baraboo rivers serving as the two major recreational waterways in the county. Kayakers, experienced and novice alike, can paddle through the region’s navigable waterways. The Baraboo River is the perfect watershed to paddle, as it’s free-flowing and the longest stretch of U.S. river restored through dam removal. And avid boaters can partake in pontoon fun on the family-friendly Dutch Hollow Lake.

Parks & Trails

Traverse some of the most scenic parts of Wisconsin state courtesy of more than 22,000 acres of natural parks and open spaces, and upward of 100 miles of biking, hiking, and walking trails.

The Sauk way of life is tied to the land, with its unmatched beauty and vast terrain allowing adventure and creativity to blossom across every chamber. Because of this, naturally occurring surprise and delight moments, such as the Devil’s Doorway rock formation at Devil’s Lake State Park and the towering sandstone cliffs at Mirror Lake State Park, are made possible.

There’s something for everyone, so gather the whole family for a date with Mother Nature. Come for her beauty; stay for her adventure.

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