Artisanal Foods & Beverages

Farm-to-Table Food

We’re always in the mood for good food. And it’s even better when the contents on our plate are as fresh as they can be.

Since Sauk County’s way of life revolves around the land and what it provides, the best way to really get a taste of the area is to go straight to the source. Try Gavin Farms for locally raised quality beef, Tower Rock Farmsted Bakery for peak-season fruit pies, and Orange Cat Community Farm for vegetables so ripe you could eat them off the vine.

From the farm to your table: It’s that simple. And delicious.

Cheese Makers

Sauk County is rooted in Packer fandom, so it’s cheesy by nature. But you don’t have to be a Cheesehead to enjoy the region’s creamiest wheels.

Fans of all kinds flock to the county for its numerous cheese varieties from Carr Valley Cheese Company, Cedar Grove Cheese, and Market Square Cheese, among others. From original Wisconsin favorites to creative new additions, Sauk’s purveyors don’t just produce any old cheese off the block. They are the cream of the dairy crop.

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