Ho-Chunk Gaming Casino

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Why It’s a Must-Do

A full-service, 24-hour beacon of entertainment in the Wisconsin Dells, Ho-Chunk features all the usual suspects akin to casino culture, but it’s an entirely different kind of experience. In addition to live shows, a fine-dining steakhouse, and the best service in town, there’s an on-site kids’ daycare and a family resort with all the amenities.

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Location Details

Hours of Operation:
Phone: 608-356-6210
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Who Will Love It

Everyone from betters and hustlers to beginners and show lovers will find something to love at Ho-Chunk. And because Ho-Chunk is a full-service property, kids and casinos actually aren’t mutually exclusive. Ho-Chunk offers a child daycare that keeps little ones engaged while the parents are adulting at the tables.

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When to Visit

Anytime you’ve got an ace up your sleeve! The Ho-Chunk Gaming Casino and Resort is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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