4 Ways to Splash Into Summer Fun in Sauk County

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Time to splash into summer with all of the glorious water activities Sauk County, Wisconsin has to offer. Of course you can always cool off nearby in the Dells at “The Waterpark Capital of the World,” but why not try something a little more Land Made? 

Dive into any of these beautiful lakes in Sauk County and you’ll discover nature’s very own unforgettable (and endlessly insta-worthy) “water parks.” From water sports and peaceful paddling to locally-loved fishing holes, you’re sure to find something that makes a splash. 

Devil’s Lake State Park

Grab your paddleboard and hit Baraboo, Wisconsin’s biggest Land Made waterpark. Swim, grill or even just walk the beach to kick off splash season at Devil’s Lake State Park; or head under the water and scuba dive up to 45 feet of stunning fish habitat and natural shoreline. It’s only $8-$11 for a daily State Park sticker, but if you’re ready to commit, a yearly pass is $28-$38. 

Baraboo River

Keep a hot summer afternoon afloat canoeing or kayaking along one of the longest and most pristine stretches of open river in the country when you visit Baraboo River. Savvy water wanderers might even catch a glimpse of a bald eagle, whitetail deer and a myriad of other wildlife. 

friends and dog sitting on a boat on the lake

Lake Delton

Make waves on 267 picturesque acres at Lake Delton with a waverunner built for two, speedboat, or pontoon and lilypad rental that’s summer fun for kids and parents alike. All of these rentals can be yours from any Dells Watersports’ location, including Lake Delton, Mirror Lake or Castle Rock Lake.

Lake Redstone Park

Hit the beach Land Made-style at this 30-acre lake park with a playground and Wisconsin’s best kept secret: a waterfall “swimming hole” perfect for a refreshing dip. Lake Redstone Park is also a great place to fish for largemouth bass, walleye, pike and musky, so don’t forget to snag a Sauk County park day pass for $5, or an annual sticker for $25.

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